Leave a first impression that will last.

Digital Door Signs

Advanced Techincal ServicesThe market for Digital Signage and especially digital door signs has seen significant growth in recent years. Individual information displayed directly on an LCD screen next to an office or conference room in buildings etc. with all the information/content controlled centrally.

But how best to optimize these displays for the digital door signs in terms of costs, technology and operation? Our easy to use solutions make the operation of sending content directly to the display vey simple indeed. We understand the market needs and offer a new range of next generation flat panel digital screens meeting the requirements of this unique but growing market.

First impressions are everything. From the moment someone walks through your doors you want them to be impressed, you want them to know immediately that this is where they want to do business, and we can help. Imagine each room of your building has a digital door sign that you can change the content of at any time by simply transferring images and slide shows from existing computer or by storing the content on a server for automatic downloads to the door signs.