We help companies meet their business objectives by enhancing their daily business activities with the right IT strategies and methods to implement them. Our company is divided into two primary departments: Systems & Networks and Innovative Technologies.

Computer Systems & Networks

Advanced Technical Services• Network Design & Implementation
• Computer Builds
• Computer Maintenance
• Wireless Networks
• Data Recovery
• Data Backup Solutions
• Remote Access
• Preventative Maintenance
• Service Agreements
• Technology Consultations

Innovative Technologies

Advanced Technical Services• Gate Systems
• Access Systems
• Control Systems
• CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems
• Intercom Systems
• Phone Systems
• Digital Signage
• Audio Systems
• Visual & Home Theatre Systems
• Cabling & Wiring Installations

Our Products

We offer only mature and proven technology. We thoroughly test every product prior to utilizing in a product portfolio. We carefully align and partner with proven industry leaders.

Advanced Technical Services